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“Narrative change and racial healing are critical components of creating racial equity. We know this work is only possible through effective community partnerships, and this collaborative effort is an excellent example of the creativity and fresh thinking that is possible when we invite others to the table.”

Dr. Eric Jolly, president and CEO of The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundations

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threesixty magazine

“Narrative change is fundamental to who we are as an organization, especially given that we want to bring in voices that we have not traditionally heard or have been intentionally absent from a dominant conversation.”

Sung Ja Shin, K-12 program officer for the Minnesota Humanities Center

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MPR News

“I have lots to learn about how news organizations can tell rich, nuanced and accurate stories about our indigenous people and communities of color; how we can strengthen our relationships in the community; and how our content can better reflect the state we serve. That all starts with acknowledging our own racial lenses, which shape how we see the world around us.”

Nancy Cassutt, executive director of news and programming at MPR News

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